Sankyo gained a certificate of registration for ISO 9001 in Nov. 1999 in the scope of soft gelatin encapsulation machine, design, production and servicing. We have built up our know-how on plant planning and soft gelatin capsule production through experience in many years. We can provide you with technical advice and support with regard to technical data on temperature & moisture in encapsulation, selection of raw materials, capsule production and factory layout, etc. We are also at your disposal to comply with support equipment, alternation of machines to fit into your special specifications. (We make a specific pocket-shape die roll.) Please feel free to contact us.

[Sankyo's rotary die capsule forming mechanism]

Material liquid is charged by the pump unit into a spherical gelatin ball cavity that is formed by two gelatin sheets being fed by each rotary die roller. The top ends of gelatin sheets are crimped by the projection of a cavity to form a capsule.

Rotary die capsule forming mechanism


Standard model
Model SSM-A4/A4W

Sankyo's regular and standard type machine to make soft-gelatin capsules. Excellent in yields. Smooth filling for high viscous materials. A4W stands for wide type for die-rolls with 7.25 inches wide.

Servo model
Model SVM-A4/A4W

The same feature as SSM-A4/A4W except driving mechanism.
This type machine is armed with servo motor.


Large scale model
Model SVT-A4

High productivity up to 3 times as much as SSM-A4. 10 inches wide die-roll.
Main features are its availability to change pump stroke and injection time and
to change pump timing to die-roll by servo motor. Easy handling and accurate
production. @

R&D model
Model SSS-A4

Soft capsule encapsulation machine for test purpose. However, the small-scaled machine functions in the similar way as SSM-A4.

Automatic inspection machine
Model SAJ-SMK1

Sankyo's unique and epoch-making full automatic machine with CCd cameras.
Camera never let defective capsules go away.
Laser printing machine
Model SLM-A4

Printing machine with laser. Applicalbe to both soft and hard gelatin capsules.
There are other machines.
Please tell us your preferenoe.
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