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Sankyo, born on the skirts of Mt. Fuji has been devoting itself to softgel encapsulation planning and manufacturing as well as encapsulating machine building, with motto which goes "We provide customers with the best quality at reasonable price". We have fostered know-how of our own with the goal, "Customers' satisfaction comes first." To date, we have continued to devote ourselves to the further development of softgel encapsulation, contribution to environment issues and a challenge to the new field with global viewpoint in mind, in seek for environmental amenity for all lives on the earth. We would like to have your continuous support and patronage.
Toshimitsu Ishikawa,
President, C.E.O

        Corporate Profile

Name Sankyo Co., Ltd.

<Head office>

Head office 573-13, Denbo, Fuji-City, Shizuoka, Japan 417-0061
Establishment May 1, 1963
President Toshimitsu Ishikawa, C.E.O
Paid capital 30 million Japanese Yen (approx. US$300,000)
Employees 290
Offices Tokyo office,
Hinode-Plant (supplement),
Obichi Plant (machine building)
Major banks Shizuoka Bank (Takaoka Br.),
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (Shizuoka Br.)

Shimizu Bank (Omiya Br.),
Business activities Contract manufacturing for soft & hard capsules, tablet, granules, various package(Blister package, Tri-seal, Bottling, Sachet and etc.)
Encapsulation machine manufacturing for soft gelatin capsules.
Development of new applications for capsules,
Export of supplement in bulk

 Company history
Founded as Sankyo Machinery Production Co. at Sengenkamicho

<Obuchi Machine Plant>

Incorporated as Sankyo Machinery Production Co., Ltd.
Started exporting Encapsulating machine (to USA)
Head office & factory moved to newly constructed site at Obuchi, Fuji city
Developed and started marketing "Seamless Encapsulating machine"
Sankyo Machinery Production Co., Ltd. Reorganized and renamed as Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Developed and started marketing "Small-sized soft encapsulating machine Model SSS"
The Sengenkamicho building completed to house the new department of research and development

<Hinode Plant>

Developed and started marketing "soft encapsulating machine for research, and large-sized machine"
Completed soft encapsulating-specialized plant (Saguragaoka plant)
Tokyo office was opened
ISO9001 Certificate was acquired
ISO9001 Certificate is also applied to capsule contract manufacturing division
Soft capsule specialized Hinode Plant completed in Fuji City
Developed servo motor equipped encapsulation machine
Dec.2001 Expanded warehouse for supplement at Hinode Plant
Nov.2002 New Headquarters moved in the site of ex-Sakuragaoka Plant and Hinode plant enlarged and renewed by adding hard capsule filling and packaging process lines

[Head office]
573-13, Denbo, Fuji City,
Shizuoka Pref., Japan 417-0061
TEL:+81 545 22 2558
FAX:+81 545 22 2525
[Tokyo Office]
Takegashi Bldg, 5th FL .
Kyobashi 3-5-3, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0031
TEL:+81 3 3538 1361
FAX:+81 3 3538 1362
[Hinode Office]
3178-1,Denbo, Fuji City,
Shizuoka Pref., Japan 417-0061
TEL:+81 545 54 1238
FAX:+81 545 54 1138
[Obuchi Machine Plant]
2362-1, Obuchi, Fuji City,
Shizuoka Pref., Japan 417-0801
TEL:+81 545 35 2608
FAX:+81 545 35 0265 

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